Friday, July 15, 2011

The story of mother goose

Since May I've been taking photos of the same Canadian goose and its goslings trying to capture the progress and finally decided to publish the pictures.

Our first acquaintance, May 13th:

Clissold park

They feed on green grass and couldn't resist the temptation of leaving the fenced pond area and crossing the road:

Baby Canada geese

That made their mother anxious as people walk their dogs in that area and unlike humans dogs aren't usually amused with little cuties:

May 20th - only 4 out of 5 left. That was a sad part to witness number of them to decrease, but I assume that's a natural rate of mortality:

Clissold park, now vignetted!

June 10th - only 3 left (another one was too far away to get into the same picture, but still there). Birds no longer look like cartoon characters starting to get ugly.

Clissold park

June 18th - and by "ugly" I meant that:

Clissold park birds again

July 1st - another one disappeared:

Juvenile geese, only two left :(

Finally, today's shots:

Juvenile geese and their mother

The former helpless fluffies can be only distinguished from their mother at close range:

Juvenile geese and their mother

Good luck!

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