Friday, July 15, 2011

A day in Docklands

Our main goal of visiting Docklands today was to see MS Deutschland cruise ship at the West India Dock. Well, that was a sublime view indeed, much owed to the ship size and modern buildings surrounding the dock.

MS Deutschland

MS Deutschland

The dock was packed today - besides the liner and its tugboat sidekicks there were also two Belgium military ships, snow white yachts and usual historical habitants as well.

Portwey steam tugboat

Another German ship

We were very lucky with timing as 15 minutes later after we arrived Deutschland started its way out:

MS Deutschland leaving

Then we took DLR to Royal Victoria Dock to take a look at SS Robin, the oldest steam coaster existing:

SS Robin

However, the most exciting thing there was not the ship itself which rested sadly too far away beyond the fenced zone but the unusual footbridge across the dock:

Royal Victoria Dock bridge

The Royal Victoria Dock bridge

The main thing about that bridge is that it's really high and a little shaky due to its flexible design - I couldn't look down from it without getting a bit dizzy. Also, it offers magnificent views to Canary Wharf and City westbound and to City airport eastbound:

SS Robin visible, City airport on the horison

On the Royal Victoria Dock bridge

A view from the Royal Victoria Dock bridge

The airport's runway is perpendicular to the bridge which again makes it a perfect spot to watch planes taking off:

What a great walk! And once again more photos you can find in the dedicated Flickr set.

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