Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Nite

Today was I was lucky enough to finish with some fussy job processes and hope they won’t bother me next week. Cheers!

(They Call It) Stormy Monday - Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All your art house are belong to US

It was a real fun to watch “Zift” shortly after “Crank” was seen for the first time. If you know both of these movies you can understand what I mean.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Radio today – if you are into English literature you can find this station useful. I’ve stumbled upon it today while surfing default Nokia internet radio stations catalog. By the way, I want to share my understanding of internet radio stations phenomenon.

Nowadays when one has no problem of downloading whatever he or she likes to listen to right now the broadcastings are still alive - but with a different sense. As to me, I turn on broadcasting when I can’t decide what exactly I’m interested in or when I face some new genre or unfamiliar media. It is too hard for me to make a really random decision and too sluggish I am sometimes to drill down and make a grounded choice.

So I do really value good stations for helping me to escape repeatedly Buridan’s donkey’s fate.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andrew Hill - Sept

This tune is definitely my favourite of the week, long and complex. The only disadvantage is that it must be listened to carefully, not while being busy with something. But if you have a dozen minutes to spare you can be lucky to catch how the melody themes are introduced first, then become decomposed to the simple fragments which start to mix up to almost random but still stylish vortex - and the final assembly where all the parts are put back to their place in the tune, more vivid then in the timid beginning. Stunning.

Sept - Andrew Hill

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Discovering basics

I took part in the political discussion yesterday at the global UK livejournal comminuty. I was nearly astonished of how naive and uncynical common livejournal britons are comparing to the russians. For example, noticing a user with the "88" number in his nickname I was suprised to discover that he meant nothing but his birth year by it. Or they really assume labours to be "the most far-right government in British history", omg.

Of couse it is not about britons really but about livejournal which is the quiet domestic service in every country it presents in except Russia. So people attending lj at UK are not much into political disputes and it makes an effect. Still it is amusing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Twin Peaks

I am rather disappointed with the Twin Peaks series which I was slow enough to see only last week for the first time. The main complaint is that there is no real investigation process in the movie and all the clues come to Cooper from the outside ready to use almost immediately as microwave food. I understand that it isn't a pure detective story but even mystical moments could use more entanglements.

Even the name of the killer is not concluded but received from the dream crossing all the t's at once - voila, "my father killed me", what a facepalm! Such deus ex machina methods are very cheap if you ask me. If we are stucked - well, no problem, the supernatural being will appear and whisper something significant.

Also there are obviously worthless plot lines to fill time gaps (Nadin, Lucy and Andy relationship and other) that are nothing but sets of laboured theatrical jokes.

But I must admit that the defects are concentrated in the second season - the first one is much better. "It's a damn fine cup of coffee! And hot!" is really hilarious!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current book

You know, I have been experiencing a real problem with reading for the last three years. The thing is that I gave up reading paper books for the electronic. It is so XXI but when I am in front of my PC or holding my mobile then literature faces a great competitor for my attention: INTERNET!

It is so hard to me to remain in a reader app when internets are only one click away that my reading speed had reduced significantly and my books shift seldom.

I am telling my story with reading because I want to talk about a book that I haven’t finished yet and I understand clearly that I will cetainly forget my current questions if I wait now.

There is a great number of discussions devoted to “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand but taking a glance over them I didn’t manage to find the point argued that troubles me most: why Rand is so loyal to inheriting while being so negative to receiving from the government?

All the positive characters she describes (well, all the positive characters appeared in the part of the book that I have read by now) had quite an opportunity to succeed receiving education - btw, mind the episode with Dagny talking to Dan Conway to ensure author’s attitude to the education role – and (what a trifle!) industrial empires to rule. Of course it’s the almost only way for a protagonist to be a global decision maker in her thirties how it is required by the plot but still I don’t get the fundamental difference between inheriting money and power and receiving “unfair socialistic benefits”.

And of course all the goodies are slim and sexy that is described in details but yes it’s only nature - they don’t care about it at all, silly flesh even annoys them! A rather cheap method for literature but a common hold for propaganda.

Aspects above and some other moments I find very funny to discover in the book that is believed to be “serious business”. But still I am exited with further reading because there are fragments that I liked very much, i.e Hank Rearden and Paul Larkin “bad press” dialog – man, that’s WORD!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reading political blogs

It is the common opinion that the credit crunch made people at many countries to vote left parties because the socialists are believed to be more effective in fixing economy. Though I am not going to deny the fact of this questionable belief it seems to me that the shock effect is not about lefts themselves but about switching a previous party to a new one, whatever it is.

I mean, countries where left-winged parties obtained power recently were ruled by conservatives before the elections. And on the other hand you can see countries that got lefts in charge when the economy crumpled had changed them (or are obviously going to, like UK) to conservatives.

People may not believe in saviours but they surely believe in saboteurs and wreckers.

I can't take it anymore

Here is my message to all the so-called street artists:


Another complain is about those recently popular black and white photorealistic wall prints - they are almost always indistinguishable from each other because the technology prevails upon the content in this case and dictates the general style which is often the same.

Sorry for the burst but I have just faced a post featuring both gas masks and greyscale prints.

By the way there are some street art blogs that I read: rebel:art, unurth - street art, Urban Prankster and Wooster Collective. They do repeat after each other sometimes (even using the same photos) but not too often to consider it a problem instead of an oddity.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


A game worth playing: The Times Spelling Bee.

My first result was only 7 of 15. Then I tried again and received 13 of 15 points but still the sobering effect was remarkable.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Let’s start

Some time ago I had discovered a special way to listen to the music that makes even the tracks you are totally pestered with sound as new and unfamiliar ones. The trick is to concentrate on the bass layer of the melody and to put it to the scene with a little mental effort while sending the main theme to the background.

To understand the effect, recall the feeling that strikes when a 3D picture appears from a senseless Magic Eye pattern. It takes time to switch but suddenly your perception changes and you become perceptive to the details that you skipped before thoughtlessly. In the same moment features that attracted your attention only a second ago are gone to the shady periphery.

It is strangely curious to discover a rich vivid bass theme in the melody that you considered to be dull and ordinary or nothing but a monotonous rhythm in your former favourite tune.

From now on, I check for this false bottom in every new melody I hear. For the melody to have a decent bass is like having good manners for people. Casual encounters strangers won’t have a chance to rate them typically, but those who you are interested in will.