Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Moscow

I was told the other day about the Tube station which interior resembles Moscow Metro very much, so today we paid it a visit.


Despite its name, Southgate station belongs to the northern end of Picadilly line. It looks pretty much like the ordinary Tube station apart from the dark metal uplighters, although they change the impression drastically for anybody who has been to Metro.

Southgate station

The lighting itself is also different, I might be wrong, but looks like incandescent lamps are in use there.

Southgate station

We didn't ascend out of the station as we had no plans for that area, but that was apparently a wasted opportunity as the station building is again very similar to those Moscow pavilions.

Southgate station

Another Moscow connection came unexpected as we were confronted by station worker who gave us a stern look and asked why are we taking so many photos. Ah, the spirit of Motherland!

He explained that there are no restrictions for photographers on Tube (except of course for flash prohibition when on the platform) but photos taken without the special permission must not be used for commercial purposes.

Me at Southgate station

Therefore, please don't send me money for this post!

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