Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lords of the rings

While taking a shortcut to the cinema this weekend we have accidentally witnessed the Olympic torch being carried by:

There were two heavily modified vehicles preceding the torchbearer (I couldn't even tell if they were lorries or buses), ruthlessly branded and playing some loud music. Half of the flags, inflatable toys and other stuff people were using to express their impatience were branded as well. Little surprise here as the very Olympic rings are themselves a brand which you're only expected to consume, but not to use.

It might be a lame opinion out of touch with reality, but I find branding of the supposedly public events and elements of infrastructure like Barklays bikes or Emirates dangleway somewhat wrong. I can understand (and sometimes appreciate) excessive branding when you don't pay for the branded thing, but not when you're just paying less (or more precisely you're said you're paying much less). If you are still going to charge people, keeping messing with their heads is just cheeky.