Monday, May 18, 2009

Twin Peaks

I am rather disappointed with the Twin Peaks series which I was slow enough to see only last week for the first time. The main complaint is that there is no real investigation process in the movie and all the clues come to Cooper from the outside ready to use almost immediately as microwave food. I understand that it isn't a pure detective story but even mystical moments could use more entanglements.

Even the name of the killer is not concluded but received from the dream crossing all the t's at once - voila, "my father killed me", what a facepalm! Such deus ex machina methods are very cheap if you ask me. If we are stucked - well, no problem, the supernatural being will appear and whisper something significant.

Also there are obviously worthless plot lines to fill time gaps (Nadin, Lucy and Andy relationship and other) that are nothing but sets of laboured theatrical jokes.

But I must admit that the defects are concentrated in the second season - the first one is much better. "It's a damn fine cup of coffee! And hot!" is really hilarious!


  1. Второй сезон воистину сосёт
    по-моему, потому что Линч гораздо меньше участия в нём принимал

  2. O HAI. С одной стороны меньше, с другой - даже сам снялся, одну серию чуть ли не в каждом кадре светил.