Friday, May 8, 2009

Let’s start

Some time ago I had discovered a special way to listen to the music that makes even the tracks you are totally pestered with sound as new and unfamiliar ones. The trick is to concentrate on the bass layer of the melody and to put it to the scene with a little mental effort while sending the main theme to the background.

To understand the effect, recall the feeling that strikes when a 3D picture appears from a senseless Magic Eye pattern. It takes time to switch but suddenly your perception changes and you become perceptive to the details that you skipped before thoughtlessly. In the same moment features that attracted your attention only a second ago are gone to the shady periphery.

It is strangely curious to discover a rich vivid bass theme in the melody that you considered to be dull and ordinary or nothing but a monotonous rhythm in your former favourite tune.

From now on, I check for this false bottom in every new melody I hear. For the melody to have a decent bass is like having good manners for people. Casual encounters strangers won’t have a chance to rate them typically, but those who you are interested in will.


  1. the best way of dealing with totally pestered music is playing with their playback speed

  2. "If I were a girl I wouldn't have an opportunity to play this single game available to me"