Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two more years

Documents for visa extension

It's been a while since I mentioned paperwork here last time, but there is now something deserving a post. Having had applied for visa extension back in February, we didn't expect that nearly 3 months delay (we have only received an approval a week ago). It was all the recently introduced biometric enrollment stage to blame - first there were misspellings in our names and then some IT infrastructure problems in the agency, both resulting in starting from the beginning.

Because of that I had to enroll my details for three times, each time paying for that again (not that much, but every extra bit on top of the handsome fee already paid was slightly disappointing).

It turned out for the better though as we got our new permits later than our previous visas expired, so effectively we enjoyed some "bonus time" by that. I didn't check it for sure yet, but there is a good chance that delay makes it possible for us to apply for ILR in 2 years from now without having to extend the visas once again (that's of course if rules don't change which is hardly guaranteed).

Anyway, that'd be a real shame to leave after 3 years, after having dealt with nasty beginner's difficulties and starting actually enjoying things around. So good news that was.

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