Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today is the last day of Movember, and so it's time for us fellow moustache brothers to share results. Truth to be told, in my case that wasn't precisely a "no shave" month - rather a "no trim" one - but anyway, here are the fruits of my labour:

#movember results #movember results

As you probably know, besides just being funny, this competition is supposed to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Certainly just growing your facial hair has nothing to do with fighting cancer, and I wasn't raising the money specifically because of being not sure I'll make it to the end of November at all (last two weeks were terrible as every meal I ate was seasoned with moustache).

Still if you decide to donate to a cancer related charity, I'd be very glad and also thankful.

Below are some charities you might consider:

  • General donation to Movember - convenient as you can enter your own amount to donate (and that's our dedicated Movember resource, chaps!)
  • The Prostate Cancer UK charity - £10, £20 or £50, or your own amount accepted - and that'd probably be a more direct way for your money to reach the destination
  • Cancer Research UK - monthly, quarterly or yearly donations accepted if you aren't comfortable with an idea of helping to fight only one type of cancer

These are of course the most obvious and general choices so if you know any more targeted organisation that could be a better option.

To my Russian readers: I failed to find reputable Russian charities taking donations online (bank transfers are more common), but if you know one, consider that please.


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