Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Crypt Gallery

Walking down the Euston Road today we stopped to take pictures of the St. Pancras Parish Church, and were approached by a gentleman who turned out to be the artist whose exhibition was hosted at the church crypt.

St. Pancras Parish Church crypt

At that time we were the only visitors of the dark crypt behind the enormously heavy solid metal door, and that fact combined with the subdued lights and almost complete silence broken only by the church bell from somewhere above the low ceiling sent shiver up and down my spine. It was totally resembling the setting of a horror film (strange place, sudden acquaintance etc.), but by that I don't mean a bad thing as it's actually a recommendation of the peculiar atmosphere. For those paintings exploiting the uneasy aesthetic of horns and blades spiced up with sexual motives it was a perfect match, I suppose.

St. Pancras Parish Church crypt St. Pancras Parish Church crypt St. Pancras Parish Church crypt

Worth a visit if you happen to pass by.

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