Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spitfire Works and Edgware Road

Today we have stopped by another famous London building yet unknown to us, the Spitfire Works. I won't even bother writing about its history as it speaks for itself:

Spitfire Works building

The building was restored to its current state by architect Terry Farrell, whose offices are now housed inside.

A fantastic Art Deco gem - one side, unfortunately, obscured by scaffolding.

Spitfire Works building

Not only wings on its walls, you can also see easily recognisable Spitfire silhouettes by its roof:

Spitfire Works building

Spitfire Works building detail

If you liked that, check out this fabulous Art Deco London map.


And also I'm going to use this opportunity to show a couple of pics from the other side of Edgware road:

One block away from Edgware road

A narrowboat moored near the glass building

One block away from Edgware road

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