Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So we've been there

Tonight we were interrupted by door knock - police was asking everybody to leave to house as the next one to it caught fire.

We're outdoors

Outside we discovered it wasn't really the next one but still close. Firefighters and *lots* of police were already there and the shop was smoking with no fire visible from where we were stopped. Apparently we weren't notified right after the event, looked more like everything was already close to the end.

Using their folding step-ladder firefighters evacuated three people from the first floor over the shop (they looked fine but first were just lying or sitting on the ground) and finished with the remaining fire. Meanwhile we and our fellow neighbours had nothing to do but to wait and look at the numerous vehicles around:


Fire brigade command unit

Police vehicles

...and, uhm, dance?

We also witnessed more than 10 riot vans plus some strange armoured trucks passed the street heading north, probably to Enfield where EDL "vigilante" activity was reported:

However, it was quite and peaceful at the area all the time we were outdoors (well, with so many officers around, no surprise). In an hour or so we were allowed to return back home.

Strangely, that accident only made me more confident in the fact the city we happen to live in is gorgeous. Everything will get better, more than ever before.

Take care of yourself.

Update: It turned out later there were no clear evidences that the fire was indeed related to rioting activity in the area. Hopefully that was just a case of unfortunate timing.

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