Thursday, August 25, 2011

New flags in the sky

Today after work I went to Libyan embassy to see if they're already flying the rebellion flag:

Libyan embassy flies the rebellion flag

And they are:

Libyan embassy flies the rebellion flag

The plaque on the wall is also covered by a sheet of paper - totally drenched though and so unreadable:

Libyan embassy plaque with a drenched paper above

The security guard told me to go away soon as they noticed me taking pictures, and so I left.

The weather is getting worse in London and days are getting noticeably shorter already - for the first time this summer I had to turn the lights on when cycling back home. And as fall season approaches implacably I couldn't help thinking that after the rough but sunny spring the Arab world will also face its autumn soon - which might be even harder to make it through.

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