Sunday, July 31, 2011

London Hackspace

Popped in to London Hackspace today as they were hosting an open day.

Logo visible from the right angle

Surprisingly, that felt a bit sad, but in a good sense. Being busy with commercial development for all those years I started to forget that it can also be pure fun and an endless source of pleasure. Those tiny things I do from time to time to explore "grey areas" are definitely not enough.

Electronics section

The place is not only about software (which is actually the most ordinary and probably least interesting bit) - as I got it, technical creativity of all kinds is welcomed. It's good even just to know there are people supporting that and sharing their knowledge.

Our guide

I'd rather not tell "yes, I'm surely joining" right now as the initial urge will go and usual routine will quickly take over. It's always not enough time, it's always "I don't know what to start with", it's always "Awkward to be a noob when you're an adult" etc. However, I'm thinking.

There are more pics in the dedicated set on Flickr.

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