Sunday, July 24, 2011

London blogs I read

More than a year ago I posted my modest collection of links to London blogs I was subscribed to. Since that moment some of them ceased to update and some are thriving. Anyway, there is something to add to that list after all that time, so below are some more blogs I read:

London Reconnections - dedicated to public transportation, it makes a good sidekick for the famous Going Undeground.

London Street Gangs - if you don't read the tabloids but still feel the urge to scaremonger on living in the "knifecrime capital".

Look at my fucking red trousers! - fresh blog dedicated to Londoners wearing red trousers. I can solemnly acknowledge there are plenty of them.

Love London Council Housing and Bollards of London - because the architecture isn't only what is described in the guide-books. I would have also recommended Bad British Architecture if it wasn't dead (still, old posts are there).

Taxi Tales - name of this blog speaks for itself. Sadly, it's simple and straightforward, focused on everyday life and so can't beat that precious NYC taxi blog but I'm not giving up hope looking for the perfect London cabbie's journal. Also, formerly mentioned Cabbies Capital is apparently stopped as author moved to twitter.

The Anonymous Widower - this man knows much about the city and North London particularly. And luckily for us, he blogs about that.

Tired of London, Tired of Life and Fresh Eyes on London - a couple of simple blogs with nearly daily pictures, useful as sometimes you learn from them about the place you haven't been to yet.

A Man With A Moving Camera - photos made by bicycle courier on their way.

The Great Wen - using the London's nickname, this blog is written by a professional journalist covering historical but also some of the ongoing events.

And finally The Cheapside Standard - only three posts so far, but all of them very promising. If it continues, it can easily become my favourite one.

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