Monday, June 27, 2011

Lessons learned

1. It is quite possible to break a toe simply by striking your foot against the bathroom door.

2. Hospitals (at least those I've seen) are much more impressive than surgeries (at least those I've been in) and provide much quicker turnaround.

3. It is really possible to learn everything you need to get treatment (i.e. where to go and what to expect including ratings and reviews left by other patients) from the NHS official website, all in a matter of seconds.

4. You don't need (and aren't expected to) to have any papers with you to be seen by a doctor - being in need for help is perfectly enough. And you can't be rejected because you live too far away or something.

5. And if you're here for the first time, you get registered in 5 minutes.

6. It doesn't cost you a penny (okay, let's forget about taxes for time being).

That's it.

Maybe I'm rushing to say that before I get any negative experience but speaking of taxes, things like those above are definitely the ones worth spending on them. And speaking of negative experience, I also got my first appointment with the dentist here soon, so that might be a chance to prove the myths wrong... or not.

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