Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Landmarks on request

It looks like I've found a place to host the script which generates OVI Maps landmarks for London cycle hire. Before, every free hosting I tried turned out to have some nasty limitations (like advertisement snippets corrupting the output) or blocked the script in time due to its need to access other site page to scrape the data from. But this one looks okay (so far).

So, fingers crossed, no more repeating updates. When you need to update the docking stations locations in your Nokia phone, just follow this link and download a fresh LDB file (further instructions stay the same).


  1. You might try to implement it as google app. Python is fun after all (not to mention that php is a shame :) )

  2. For my own religious belief I try not to use Google when it is not necessary (sounds oddly on blogspot.com but still). However, it is by no means a proper approach to use a "raw" hosting rather than some specialised application platform in that case but for such a tiny task it is too much hassle.