Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walking weekend

First of all, that's what February looks like here. Sorry for mentioning that again, but it's feels so good I can't stop repeating:

Finsbury park Lewisham February

Old Dairy pub on Stroud Green Rd, stunning building and interior but poor reviews:

Old Dairy, Stroud Green Rd

Murals can be explored with the Google Streets widget below:

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My phone is incapable of capturing that but the view on Alexandra Palace is absolutely breathtaking. It can be seen so clearly on the horizon giving an idea of its size:

Alexandra Palace on the horizon
[still try to zoom in]

The place has got quite a history. For example, the tower to the right is BBC's first regular broadcasting one, covering wealthy areas where first TV sets owners resided.

There is a statue of Peter the Great at Greenwich, which I wasn't aware of before:

Peter the Great Peter the Great

It resembles the statue by Shemyakin in St. Petersburg, doesn't it? Also, I don't have an idea who's the midget to the left of the czar. Could he be one of Russia's modern presidents?

And this comedy club building messes with your white balance:

Comedy club

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