Saturday, December 4, 2010

"UK Uncut"

In last weeks many stores all over the country were forced to close temporarily by protesters because of the tax avoidance - with cuts introduced by the government hitting public sector many people are angry about private companies as well. So as I have read about a TOPSHOP flagship store being blocked at Oxford Street today, I decided to take a look.

While walking to the place one has all the opportunities to get in the proper mood:

Tottenham Court Rd Tottenham Court Rd

The store is situated very close to the always-busy Oxford Circus underground station and the crowd was hardly thicker than usually on weekends. That doesn't mean though that the event wasn't popular - there were plenty of people, but the number of shoppers wandering around and crossing the x-junction was high enough for somebody unaware of the action and walking by to stay unaware of it.

However, it was nearly impossible to get into the particular blocked store:

TOPSHOP flagship store blockage TOPSHOP flagship store blockage

With Christmas sales fever already started, a weekend wasted is probably a punch that even the big store can really feel:

From time to time police dragged one or two protesters away to the emptier place, apparently on random basis (at least I didn't get what was triggering their attitude):

On my way back I noticed that billboards from the photos at the beginning of this post sported usual nail polish and snacks adverts on their other sides. That's symbolic, isn't it?

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