Saturday, December 25, 2010

Abandoned London

I wonder if "28 Days Later" was shot on Christmas:

Angel King's Cross St. Pancrass Tottenham Court Rd Oxford Circus

Tottenham Court Rd From the Oxford street Hide park

[full set @Flickr]

As usually, all the public transport is shut down today so I had to use a bicycle, but despite the temperature outside the journey was fantastic as I could barely notice the traffic. The only problem was the chain went off the cog and not a single open shop around to buy a tissue to clean hands.

Also to notice, we found ourselves stuck between two dates as we aren't used to Christmas yet and more familiar New Year lacks proper atmosphere here. On the bright side, you can get almost a week of festive mood because of that, spread but still real.

P.S. If you're interested, there is also a more detailed report on deserted London in famous Ian Visits blog.


  1. Юрий, Таганрог утром 1-го января тоже вымирал.

  2. Ну в общем да, с тем отличием, что он никогда и не оживал.