Saturday, June 12, 2010

Miss me?

Oh hi!

Sorry for ceasing writing. I don't know what to post here because strangely everything is okay and I haven't got problems serious enough to describe with masochistic pleasure as I used before. The bad side of staying away of troubles is the writer's block as an immediate consequence. Perhaps that's a chance to start my professional blog again (ha-ha), but I haven't decided yet.

Usually when I'm stuck I write about books but currently I'm still reading the same book I was reading three weeks ago (okay, it's of roughly 1000 pages, but still I feel almost guilty). Also, I've watched the final episode of The Wire for the first time yesterday (a confession follows here: I was calling myself a fan for more than a year without watching the final scene) - but what can I say about that? Everybody knows that the show is great (and why did I watch? my heart still weeps for Duquan). So you see, if you've got anything you'd like me to explain, don't hesitate to ask - that's a win-win situation for both of us.

Nevertheless this time I can only show you pictures once again. My only excuse is that they're all fresh and were shot today:

Suddenly, World Naked Bike Ride:

Panoramas (all clickable):

Train sleeper and the ship in the bottle:

And this was absolutely amazing, I've been staring for several minutes being totally unable to stop smiling. Brilliant.


  1. а я до сих пор не наберусь решимости посмотреть s05e10.


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