Sunday, March 28, 2010


My latest obsession are local newspapers. Every time I find myself in a new area of London, I seek for a gazette of that borough or district, grab it and read on my way back.

As I had written already, plenty of events happen in a walking distance from almost any place here - from boxing matches for the local garland to dog shows and charity parties - and those events are announced before and criticized/praised after. Local crimes are described. Local restaurants, all on the same street, place advertisements claiming that they are the best on it.

But what really does fascinate me is the fact that some local newspapers even have separate culture supplements.

For example, in the two weeks old issue pictured above, one can read about:

  • An artist who's creating 2012 Olympics stamps for Royal Mail

  • The Pitman Painter - a coal miner who became famous for his autobiographic drawings and paintings

  • A historic excursus to 1984-85 explaining miners' tragedy and providing background for better understanding of Cornish's works from the previous piece

  • Film reviews (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Green Zone)

  • Play reviews (of two local theatres)

  • An interview with one of the authors of South African constitution

  • A number of smaller articles, promotions and ads

Now let me remind you that this is not even a London newspaper - it is distributed in one particular borough of London only.

Before, I used to say that there is no journalism in Russia as a joke. Now, unfortunately, I am sure. There must be another word for that.

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