Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"A future fail for all"

With General Elections approaching, various political leaflets appeared in the mail.

Today it came from Labour:

Note that the leaflet is dedicated entirely to the local borough, saying nothing about global country's problems. That's because of the electoral system of UK: people do not vote for parties here, they choose between particular personalities fighting for the chair in the Parliament that represents their geographic constituency. So instead of winning party placing deputies in the parliament, MPs are elected directly, and the party to which most of them belong becomes a ruling one.

It is also interesting that those who are bashed by local Labour with this agitation are not Conservatives as one can expect, but Liberal Democrats (who were last in charge in 1922):

Of course that's Haringey specificity, but I've looked in the statistics and discovered that the rule is common. If you take a look on this picture from Wikipedia, you will see LibDems' and Labour's graphs being almost ideally symmetrical for the last three decades - hence, they're obviously sharing the same voters not only here, but countrywide.

Wasn't aware of that.

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