Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Global cooling

Turning back to Frankenstein, I came accross the fact that this book was started at year 1816 which was memorable enough to earn its own name, Year Without a Summer.

Can't help sharing this link with all those climate scandals and contexts.

By the way, speaking about climate, here is a footer of email that I've received recently:

"Okay, we all are trying to be green, but hey, you're cutting corners off!"


  1. such footers are pretty common for law firms and advisers over the last five years

  2. Yes, swedish companies love this "green" footer too.
    How's your job seeking process now? In Russia there are no major changes at "job market" since beginning of 2009 as I know - thousands of candidates, several vacancies.

  3. 13a: still nothing to boast. I'm making progress advancing closer to to final with consistent application processes but still failing them. So there is still a way to go, esp. with xmas market hibernation growing stronger.