Thursday, October 22, 2009 book presentation

Today, thanks to my friend's tip, I've visited this event. Despite my fears it wasn't just a boring promotion and the lecture turned out to be rather captivating and funny.

Key phrases:

"Never trust anybody who didn't watch The Wire"
"Actually, Barack Obama is the first white president"
"I've met my first Conservative at age 22"

Also, as an English neophyte, I've spotted one of those lovely BrE/AmE differences. In the beginning, Lander had read #11 Asian Girls post aloud, and here in UK the word "asian" stands for people from India, Pakistan and that region predominantly, in contrast to Chinese people in US.


  1. Really? I've seen a lot of Japanese and Chinese in London.

  2. Yes. But there is a nuance in this particular word using. Here's an example:

  3. это же ольшанский!