Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crunch effects

It is not a secret that UK job market is rather tight nowdays, but few outside of the country do realize how much is it. I'm gonna demostrate it.

A short intro first. Usually recruiters send dedicated emails to candidates even if message is the same for all who have applied for a role advertised. So, the thing is that I've got another message of this type today with usual formal questions about my expectations from the role. This letter, like other I received, was addessed only to me. Quite a feeling that you may be not the only one who's being asked about the role but at least, say, a named guy to remember, and you may think your chances are not that weak. It's okay.

But there was a slight difference this time that made me to write this post. I mean, then the recruiter decided to send an minor update for this letter, and unlike the first message, it had all the recipients listed at its To: field.

Now, remember that there were not listed all who had applied, but only those who were recognized as somehow relevant and were decided to be asked further questions. Also keep in mind that the ad I'm talking about appeared online less than 24 hours before. And then, if you have a mental picture of the scene, you can proceed with caution to next paragraph:

In that email, 209 recipients were listed.


  1. There was info from headhunter.ru (unofficial) - about 500-1000 (!!) responses per 1 vacancy (IT field) in a first 1-2 days after publishing this winter/spring.

  2. Yep, but still I had swithed my employer this winter in Moscow with the very first application. Here, I've got another impression of myself and my abilities :)