Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If you somehow managed not to hear about the greatest London heist in August, you surely must pay attention.

The thing with it is that the event was perfectly cinematographic. I mean, from the huge booty taken in two minutes to the every detail. Just look through the newspapers websites and put a mark when you face some criminal movie cliché: two of robbers, black and white, sharply dressed, disguised with Mission Impossible latex masks, grabbing precious jewels without any casualties, leaving the place changing cars etc.

And the final detail - get ready - Britain's previous largest robbery took place at 2003 at the same store! So, it was a sequel.

Also, why 'cinematographic' instead of 'cinema' for CCTV shots and bypasser's mobile video are available to the public. Gosh, it's better than a movie!

See, conclusion honest person must come to: Guy Ritchie is a bloody realist.

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