Thursday, September 3, 2009


We've been living in this flat for about three weeks already but still we've got no broadband internet connection.

The thing is that UK internet providers need customers' bank details to get them served (the same story as I described before with mobile phones plans). Without local bank account, only prepaid ('pay as you go') plans are available and there are no such plans for DSL or optical connections. Geez.

To open a local bank account you must be either employed or live in a country for at least three months. There is still a opportunity for newcomers called 'passport account' that requires international address to be proved. Unfortunately, I was unlucky enough first to leave Russia before address verification letter from bank arrived to Moscow address (so I wasn't able to prove my former address simply by demonstrating this letter). Then, it took time for me to know what documents can be recognized as an address proof (for example, Russian landline bill turned to be invalid showing address but not name which is obligatory too). Btw, for me Russian bank statement worked, but still I had to verify my translation of it in a UK translation bureau (another visit to bank branch spared to know it). Finally, bank employee who initiated account opening for me left for vacation so right now I'm stuck without any news.

That's why I still don't have local bank account and it is impossible for me to use 'pay monthly' services.

Another way to use broadband is to buy 3G modem USB dongle with special 'pay as you go' SIM card. But as you can expect this way is more expensive, less reliable and includes nasty traffic limits. You can use your 3G phone as a modem also but it is more expensive because of the phone plans and limits are even more strict.

However I have perfomed some calculations recently and discovered that for the first two months the cost of using 3G dongle and DSL/optic connection is equal. Maybe I'll buy it finally this weekend but still I am not sure because if I decide later to bring a wired connection to our flat then again it'd be needed two weeks for enquiry to process.

See, all above is a serious business! And don't laugh please.

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  1. Я знаю чувака который три с лишним года ваще без Интернета живет.