Friday, September 25, 2009


When we were being registered with the NHS I was confused with the colours of medical cards - blue for females and pink for males.

First I assumed another case of customs difference, like with wedding rings weared on a left hand here. But today I had an opportunity to ask a nurse in a surgery about it, and she admitted that it is really a mess and a source of confusion for medical staff.

By the way, I've read a lot of critiques about NHS lately (mostly in connexion with USA healthcare reform), but I must say that at least in the beginning UK system is much better than, for example, Russian one that is also run by government. I mean, local NHS surgery at the ward which is, well, rather far from being rich, turned out to be more clean and friendly than the paid polyclinic at the centre of Moscow I used to attend in Russia. Don't know if the treatment quality differs also (I am not ill yet and hope it will last) but this far my impression is definitely positive.

P.S. Of course, speaking about NHS one must bear in mind that it comes to about 15% of UK budget to maintain service.

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