Monday, August 17, 2009

Accomodation 2

Nondescript doors that can be seen to the left of London shop fronts lead to living flats above ground floor commersials. Carpeted staircases behind are rather narrow and a group of visitors can take them by single file only - not just for more comfort but it is the only way possible. Landings between step flights are also tiny. Actually, they can hardly be found.

All this can suprise a Russian person with a habit for towers housing. There is no even a "pod'ezd" as we understand it, more likely a common corridor in a communal flat! Thankfully, usually there are no more than four or five flats in such houses so collisions aren't an obstructive problem.

Another distinctive type of inexpensive London accomodation are two-storied so-called victorian houses, which are also partitioned to flats often. These recognizable buildings and those can be seen on link above together form the face of 2nd and 3rd city zones.

Though buildings are easy to classify, flats planning in the alike houses is seldom repeated and can be totally unpredictable, so there can be nice suprises. For example, our flat boasts ceiling window - almost an impossible feature for inexpensive housing in Moscow.

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