Sunday, July 19, 2009

Need help

Does anyone know why common vehicle doors design allows that annoying 'semi-closed' state? I mean, a door can be closed 'on one click' - it wouldn't open at this position but you can't ride with it nevertheless because you surely will be cursed by driver or security system if any. You have to reopen door every time you were unsuccessful enough to get the works and shut it once again with more power to close it firmly, 'on two clicks'.

So I don't get why to allow this interim state of the lock and why don't have just two clear distinctive states, opened and closed, like with the doors we've got in buildings?

The only reason I can imagine that it is done for door to close even if you pulled it really lightly. But well, if the door is one or another way closed why the heck can't you ride? I dunno :(

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