Monday, June 8, 2009

Even in little wisdom there is much grief

Being curious for details of the recent BNP success (btw, they gained less voices than on previous elections in 2004, but labours sector’s apathy made it possible) I saw the following banner on their website:

BNP banner

As you can see Lady Justice eyes are disclosured. Quite self-explaning, I guess, but this is not actually the thing I want to talk about.

I thought before that the Highest Court of Russia featuring Iustitia who is not blindfolded is an outstanding oddity:

 Russian Highest Court

But when I rushed to Google to search for BNP’s corrupted justice mascot suddenly I discovered that it’s a common occurence to sculp punishing goddess with an abitity to see us people. Also the first blindfold appeared on the statue only in XVI century. What a whack!

All I can say is that I was a bit more friendly to the world around before knowing it.

P.S. Still Russian Iustitia got her style bearing shield instead of sword but I’m confused with the interpretation.

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